January 15, 2013

Perhaps the most important show of all time. Thursday night at the UCB Theater.

Jim versus Nate: Who’s More Awesome?

The two most awesome men in the world, battle it out for the title. For there can be only one. Part debate, part athletic contest, part Double Dare. Judged and hosted by God. Yes, THAT God. From twitter.

Starring Jim Santangeli, Nate Smith and Gavin Speiller.

6:30, Thursday January 17th

UCB Theater, Chelsea, NYC

Info here.

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    i would gladly marry either of these idiots.
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    I hope you dummies wrestle in your underpants over a video game while eating pretzels. REFERENCING ROGUE ELEPHANT SKETCH...
  3. bestnatesmithever said: I see you’ve moved on to less threatening opponents.
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